Hip Hop and Healthy Living

Q&A with Stic of dead prez


Stic (of dead prez) is a renowned hip hop artist and producer, an RRCA Certified Long Distance Running Coach and co-founder of the holistic lifestyle brand, website, and movement RBG FIT CLUB. Stic partners with global brands and organizations, including most recently Lululemon, Toyota, Okayplayer, Supreme, Black Men Build, Hip Hop is Green, and others on creative projects/initiatives, sharing his dynamic experience and perspectives as a creative who is deeply passionate about the benefits of holistic health. He was awarded the Humane Hero of the Year by the Humane League, received the Black Men’s Holistic Health Award, The Betty Shabazz Award for Social Justice, and many other awards and accolades for his lifestyle and activism. Through his “fit hop” music, message, and movement, Stic is actualizing his life’s mission as a relatable ambassador for well-rounded wellbeing.