EJ Hill: Chorus of One

By Makayla Bailey

EJ Hill A Declaration, 2017, neon.

EJ Hill A Monumental Offering of Potential Energy, 2016, neon.

EJ Hill Column, 2018, neon.

EJ Hill An Affirmation, 2017, neon on acrylic panel.

EJ Hill Our Students, 2019, archival light jet print on disband.

EJ Hill

I am an artist committed to authoring objects, images, and experiences, which elevate bodies and amplify voices that have long been rendered invisible and inaudible by oppressive social structures. Rooted in an endurance-based performance practice, my work focuses largely on challenging the social aspects and systems that construct a body. I am interested in how bodies are formed, understood, and valued within different social and cultural contexts, but more specifically, how they redefine the parameters that govern which bodies are allowed to exist freely.

Initially, performance seemed the most natural and direct way of addressing ideas pertaining to the body; however, over the years I have developed my practice to include writing, painting, sculpture, and installation. This multi-faceted methodology has provided me new ways of articulating propositions for being, while still maintaining a foundation of critique of oppressive social structures.

At its core, my current artistic output is steeped in a desire to move beyond representations of pain, violence, and struggle—aspects central to the experiences of subjugated communities, undoubtedly—and closer to more rounded, complex representations, which include the aforementioned, but also allow room for excellence, beauty, and bliss.

Makayla Bailey

Makayla Bailey is a writer and curator based in New York. Bailey is currently a joint curatorial fellow at MoMA and the Studio Museum in Harlem. She is the newest member of the Compound team.