Compound is the combination of elements to create a whole.

Wellness & Engagement

Join local and visiting experts for an open exchange of ideas in our community.

Upcoming Programs: Yoga, Meditation & Healing Arts, Herbalist in Residence, Dinner with Compound’s Chef in Residence


Compound presents IDEALAB by Gxrlschool, an interdisciplinary performance series to experiment with our creative community to develop original, uncategorizable programming. We invite multidisciplinary groups of artists and cultural thinkers and support creatives to produce new presentations, collaborations, or works in the process.

Art for All

Kids and their families will have the opportunity to work hands-on with leading contemporary artists on innovative art projects. The projects will range from kids working on drawings, collages, paintings, sculptures, murals, ceramics, performances, music, and more.

Upcoming Programs: Family Workshops

The Energetic Residency at Compound

Under the curation of Emma Gray, the Energetic Residency focuses on talks, deep relaxation, energy work, healing, breathwork, performance workshops, meditations, and sound baths with artists and a multitude of practitioners in the wellness realm.

Empathy Lab

The Empathy Lab at Compound will explore the cognitive and social aspects of increasing empathy. As a safe space to explore empathy, thought leaders will convene to examine and increase awareness. Artists and cultural practitioners will be brought in to enact and provide empathetic visions.

Upcoming Project: Megan May Daalder / Mirrorbox

Artist Talks

Cultural inquiry and engagement is integral to Compound’s mission. As part of our public programming, we invite collaborating artists to speak to urgent questions and pressing issues at this particular cultural moment.

Upcoming Speakers: Glenn Kaino on Art and Hope, Tavares Strachan on Belonging, Lita Albuquerque on Art and Meditation

Educational Partner: Slanguage at Compound

Slanguage is a socially engaged artist collective by Mario Ybarra Jr. and Karla Diaz. Founded in 2002, in Wilmington—the heart of the port of Los Angeles—Slanguage opened its doors to the community leading teen workshops, hosting art exhibitions, and organizing music and performance events.

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